Success Stories

Managed Properties

Throughout the past 15 years we have successfully managed a wide variety of hospitality establishments in various locations, often simultaniously in different cities and locations from the heart of the city in Sandton and Durban to remote destinations like the African Bushveld and majestic Drakensberg mountains.

With properties ranging from quant 1 and 2 bedroom self catering apartments to full service Hotel resorts with over 300keys, taking them from losses to viable sellable properties...

Industry Awards

In addition to turning these hospitality operations around, we have been honorued and privellaged to win numerous awards and ackolades from both local and international industry bodies with a number of our establishments.

With our core focus on Guest Service Excellence all the while maintaining a supererior value for money proposition whilst growing our revenue and profitability objectives, our committment to growing your business remains unwavered...

Government & Industry Development Programmes

Over the years we have worked on numerous boards and industry bodies including National and Regional Tourism Government Bodies, often chairing working groups and providing industry leadership roles in develpoing policies, progammes and pushing forward our industry mandates to parliamentary oversite bodies and committies.

We have managed to maintain effective working relationships with these National and Regional Government bodies, even through various leadership changes and challenges...

Incubator Programmes

As innovative leaders, we have developed a specialized Hospitality Business Incubator Programme and have successfully implemented this programme in both Accommodation and Food Service outlets. Our programme is structured in a transformative manner to offer comprehensive turn-key solutions promoting hospitality business succsess.

Focused on the 5 core pillars of hospitality business management our programme is designed to accellerate the growth and success of hospitality companies... 

Development Projects

One of the core values of our organisation is our attention to detail, no-where is this more critical then when working with a client to develop their vision of their hospitality estabilishment.

From the initial consultations and planning stages, working through a detailed and comprehensive project and business development plan, drawing on our network of specialist partners to provide technical know how and ultimately driving the clients vision to implementation.

We go so far as to even put in place operating standards, workplace skills programmes and key personnell placements.

Organisational Development

Through our holistic hands on organisational approach we successfully reorganised and adapted various organisational structures over multi diciplined and varying establishments across the region to be more effecient, productive and focused on the shared unique vision's of the various boards we represented.

All the whilst instilling a culture of learning and development whilst maintaining the principled values of business and personal ethics....